Mrs. Jagruti Kankrecha- Ahmedabad, India

I am 37 years old and suffering from Chronic Urticaria with Angio-edema since last 6 years, the episode is so severe that I feel suffocated and later i collapsed. DrNaitik Shah treated my husband a few years back so I started homeopathic treatment with him. I started improving and feeling better in couple of months. But with few emotional setback it reappeared in intense way. Dr Shah reassured me and helped me to bring out turmoil within. His medicine helped within one hour as I was comfortable. He made me understand that it has direct impact of emotional setback. I am feeling much better after 18 months of his treatment and his counselling helped me to understand that to keep moving is really important for healthy life. Thank you so much DrNaitik Shah for your wonderful lessons and your homeopathic treatment.